Moon Cerberus Rechargable Rear Light

£41.00 £39.00

Brand New for AW 2018. This Rear light combines the technology of the Comet X (Now with three LED strips) into a 270 degree performance light. Fully Compatible with all styles of seat post, this is the ideal companion to any bike.


  • Mode1 25lm 33hr
  • Variable Lumen Stystem Set my lumen
  • Rubber pad: (fits AREO/ ISP PROPEL / Standard)
  • Mode2 5lm 145hr
  • FL1 25lm 215hr
  • Steady FL 25lm 1345hr Day FL 15lm 19hr
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Auto safe mode
  • Lock mode
  • Light mode memory
  • Lock mode
  • Dimensions

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